10 Reasons Why you and YUMIlash are a Great Match this Valentine's Day!

YUMI Expert

As if  you needed any more reasons to love YUMI, we've given you an extra 10 reasons why you and Yumi lash are a great match this Valentine’s Day!
1)      YUMIlashes look and make you feel great!
Nothing makes you feel better than a fresh set of YUMIlashes! And it’s no wonder, YUMIlashes simultaneously strengthen, lengthen and boost your natural lashes making your eyes instantly look wider and more refreshed. We say, ‘beauty is in the eye(lash) of the beholder!’
2)      Yumi lashes are pain free
The best thing about YUMIlashes are that they’re pain free, what better way to spend valentine’s day than getting a relaxing Yumilash treatment.
3)      And hassle free!
No one likes a nagging partner. Yumi lashes won’t order you to make their tea for them or ask how long it’s going to take you to get ready. Yumi lashes understand you, they just get it.
4)      YUMIlashes won’t break your heart
YUMIlashes are foreign to the old ‘dump your girlfriend on the 12th February’ trick. Don’t worry girls, Yumi lashes are in it for the long run.
5)      YUMIlashes also won’t break the bank
No more time wasted searching for the perfect gift for your partner or saving up weeks worth of wages to fork out for the perfect gift, all YUMIlashes require is a little bit of TLC. The gift that just keeps on giving.
6)      YUMIlashes up your flirting game
Eyes are the first thing a person notices about another person, and for those who struggle flirting, you can never go wrong with an eyelash flutter. Yumi lashes are a sure way to make sure you stand out from the rest.
7)      YUMIlashes never leave your side
Put down the ‘long distance relationship’ help books. Yumi lashes aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be with you through thick and thin
8)      YUMIlashes put you in the ‘It crowd’
You’ll be joining plenty of Yumi lash alumni’s including the likes of Princess Eugenie! Because after all, we know you’re a princess too!
9)      YUMIlashes do all the talking
Let your lashes do the talking this valentine’s day, because there’s nothing worse than an awkward silence.
10)   Most importantly, Yumi loves you
You and Yumi are a match made in heaven.

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