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London bucket list: Ride the London Eye, go to Madame Tussauds, Visit Big Ben, get a YUMI lash lift at Harrods…

Yes, you read that right! The world-famous Harrod’s department store is home to non-other than our very own YUMI. (impressive, even if we do say so ourselves)

Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, sits the world-famous ‘Harrods’ opened by Charles Henry Harrod in 1842. Initially just stocking miscellaneous home pieces such as linen and drape, the store has now become world-famous and is one of London’s highest-profile department store; boasting an impressive 330 departments.
The store is more than a million square feet spread across an even more impressive 7 floors, and with each floor homing an array of both luxury and everyday items- there’s sure to be something for everyone! The fifth floor is non-arguably every beauty lover’s dream- offering luxury treatments and services from the world’s top beauty brands; including of course- YUMI.
We even have our own special mention on Harrods website which says:
‘Making the most of the “windows to the soul” - lashes are a woman’s most precious asset and Hair & Beauty at Harrods are delighted to welcome the Yumi experts to our super-salon, to provide their effective treatment for our clients’
The world-famous store welcomed YUMI lashes to its urban retreat in 2012 and it’s no surprise they haven’t looked back since. Alike every YUMI salon, they use a range of tints to complement every complexion that instantly makes the eyes appear brighter and more open. Of course, Harrods offer a luxury service and the YUMILash Lift is offered for £80, or for just £25 extra you can try the full experience and opt for a tint and aftercare too. In just one hour, you can be hitting Oxford street with a revolutionised set of lashes, no matter how early you had to get up to visit the store!
We believe that there is no better way to experience the capital, so what are you waiting for? Get buying those train tickets to London, we can’t wait to see you!




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