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If you don’t know; get to know! Everything you need to know about the treatment that has taken the lash industry by storm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard all about the cult go to brand for a Lash Lift and Tint: Yumi. With a massive A-list following, it’s no surprise that Yumilash is on the tongues of all beauty lovers worldwide, including the likes of: Tamara Ecclelston, Patrick Starr, Brittny Gastineau (a.k.a Kim Kardashian’s bestie) and even Princess Eugenie! If you hadn’t heard about us before, I bet you wish you had now! Well look no further, because we’ll be answering everything you could possibly wish to know about Yumilashes, so you too can become a lashpreneur (You can thank us later!)
What is a Yumi lash lift?
A Yumi lash lift is the antidote for false lashes; founded by Swiss derma pigmentologist Sandra Viglino. Sandra’s clientele in Geneva demanded a lash lift that instantly boosted the lashes, whilst still looking natural and required little maintenance. A few months of hard work (and probably a lot of coffee) the Yumi lash lift was finally born. A Yumi lash lift is a quick and easy treatment, that curls, tints and lifts your own natural lashes. The treatment uses Keratin and has therefore being branded ‘a perm for the lashes’ without the harsh chemicals. So no need for mascara and eyelash curlers!
How did you come up with the name ‘Yumi?’
Sandra loved the Far East because of their innovative beauty techniques which is why she chose the name ‘Yumi’ as it means ‘beautiful’ if it is used for a girl’s name in Japan. It also has a second meaning, which is ‘bow’ as in bow and arrow- which is represented in our logo as the YUMI bow is the longest bow in the world.
How long does a Yumi lash lift last?
As with everything, the results are different for everyone; however, the results can last between 8-12 weeks. Yep, you read that right ladies: up to 3 months without fiddly false lashes or mascara! The lashes work with your natural growth cycle, however the results can be affected by stress, hormonal changes and lifestyle. For longer lasting results we recommend Yumilashe’s keratin lash lift mascara each morning and evening after receiving your treatment. The mascara is clear and therefore can be used on your eyebrows too, meaning you get 2 products in 1- result!
Can I have the Yumilash treatment?
Here at Yumilash we do not discriminate against anybody getting a lash lift treatment, however for safety reasons there are certain things which would prevent/effect you from being able to receive the treatment, these include:
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • If you have Alopecia
  • If you have conjunctivas/trichotillomania
We strongly recommend that everyone receiving the lash treatment should undergo a patch test at least 24 hours before receiving a treatment. All Yumilash therapists are trained to the highest of standards, so if you have any other concerns don’t be afraid to ask; Yumi are always here to help!
Where can I get a Yumilash treatment?
The Yumilash treatment has taken the world by storm, therefore an array of salons and spas across the UK now offer the service, including the world-famous Harrods in London. Therefore, it should be easy to find a place that is suited to you!
I’m Vegan, can I join the craze?
Absolutely! The treatment’s main ingredient is keratin which is derived from plant amino acids; known for their smoothing and reparative qualities and the glue we use is 100% sugar cane. Not only this, the brand is completely animal cruelty free!
Has Yumi won any awards?
Yes! Yumi lashes are becoming more and more popular so it’s no wonder its being recognised worldwide. We've been voted Best Lash Cosmetics Brand 2018 by Lux Life Magazine, which of course we are absolutely beaming about! *flutters lashes*.
What makes Yumi different?
As a brand, we pride ourselves as being unique. Yumi lashes are different to other procedures as there is no lash perming or extensions; the magic is in the keratin! After only one treatment your lashes will be strengthened and nourished due to us being formaldehyde-free & paraben free. It’s fair to say, we’re one of a kind!
Now you know everything you could possibly need to know about Yumi, we’ll forgive you for thinking it all sounds too good to be true; but luckily for you, it isn’t! It’s never been easier to Lengthen, thicken and lift your natural eyelashes. Who wants to waste time fiddling with false lashes or applying layers of mascara when you can have ‘yumilicious’ lashes without the hassle? So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and get your appointments booked ladies, and don’t forget- Yumi loves you right back!

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