'More Than Just A Lash Lift'

YUMI Expert

I’m sure you’ve heard our motto time and time again, ‘YUMI is more than just a lash lift’. So what else is it? I hear you say. Alongside creating perfect lashes, YUMI has a range of products that work alongside the treatments, which enhance the lift even further. Here’s a quick look into 3 of our most popular products.

Yumi aftercare mascara:

So, you love your YUMI lash lift and want your results to last as long as possible? Look no further! This aftercare mascara not only helps your lashes grow, but it also conditions them leaving your lashes with a healthy sheen. To make this product even more exciting, the mascara has recently been revamped and re-formulated with added pro-vitamin B5 and a growth peptide, to ensure your lashes look better for even longer.

Yumi keratin lash lift mascara:

Introducing our Keratin Lash lift mascara, which can be used before or after a YUMI lash treatment. It contains no hormones and is completely cruelty-free, what more could a girl want? Lashes and brows will grow stronger and more conditioned, which will give extra oomph ready for your lash lift. As if this couldn’t get any better, we’ve recently added a little more keratin and revamped the packaging. Your lashes will love you even more than before!

YUMI Tweezers:

What better way to accompany a great lash lift than by having the perfect brow! Well, look no further, because YUMI has you covered. The tweezers have a slanted design- perfect for getting rid of those pesky strays between your salon appointments. Finished with our signature black and white design, the tweezers are also ergonomically designed, great to pop in your handbag for on the go!
And as if this wasn't enough, YUMI is constantly on the lookout for new trends and products and are undergoing some very exciting products due to be released very soon- watch this space!

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