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Nadia Rafi

Founded ten years ago, YUMILashes is the cult lash lift brand with a global reach. Readily available in 45 countries and with more to come it’s a testament to YUMI’s high quality innovative formulas and renowned education. Spearheading the brand in the UK is Nadia Rafi  the Creative Director of Feel Good Promotions ‘it’s been wonderful being part of a global phenomenon from the start’.  As the only therapist and trainer, trained by founder Sandra Viglino outside of Switzerland, Nadia has a wealth of knowledge on all things concerning lash lifting and can be found leading training sessions all across the country.

YUMI currently has 5 training academies - Wales, Liverpool, Truro, London and Newcastle, and with plans to open two in Scotland and a further 3 across England by the end of the year. With A List stars such as the Kardashians as fans it’s no wonder the brand is going from strength to strength.  ‘We’re committed to providing accessible lash lift training across the UK. We want our authorised stockists to be able to have the tools to be able to provide an excellent lash lift and that comes down to education’ says Nadia. It’s not just education and products that are at the forefront to the brand. They’re committed to ensure that all their packaging is recyclable by the end of 2019 and will continue to champion themselves as a vegan brand.  ‘We’ve been cruelty free and vegan from the start and will build upon one our ethical stance as a brand’ says Nadia.

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